Posted by: Taylor | December 8, 2009

Video Editing Project

This is the final result of the Video Editing Project for BTMM 1701.
For this assignment, we had to take over twenty minutes of footage and edit it into a two to three minute documentary.
I edited the footage to focus on a young boy that was mentioned named Muhammed.
The main character speaks highly of the young boy and how working with horses has built his character.
This is Mohammad and the Bill Pickett Riding Academy.

Posted by: Taylor | December 8, 2009

Stills Editing Project

This is the final result of the first editing project we did in class.
For the assignment we had to use pictures and edit them into a story.
I decided to use photos that were taken in an urban area focusing on a few young children and a group of people dancing in a park.
I created The Central Park Dancers as a final result.

Posted by: Taylor | December 1, 2009

Website Design Project

If you would like to see a larger image, you can click on the image itself and it will bring you to a larger picture.
This is the final project for BTMM 1701 Website Design assignment.  In the assignment, we were given several still images of a young woman.  We then had to create an identity for this woman — I decided to make her occupation be a Car Comfort Specialist in which she sleeps in cars to test how comfortable they are before a person buys them.

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Website Analysis Essay

Taylor Shea

Intro to Media Technology T R


Matt Nathanson

Matt Nathanson is a musician who writes songs about love and heartbreak – most commonly appealing to young women, with some male fans thrown into the mix.  While he originally began playing just acoustic guitars in his shows in small-town coffee shops, he has grown in popularity and has acquired a full band that he sometimes plays and records with.  He is well-known for his commentary between songs and dialogue with the audience.  The dialogue often consists of his revealing of song meanings told through background stories and “hypothetical” situations, which he uses to relate to the audience.   A majority of his songs are about intimate romances written in poetic metaphors, as well as the contrasting idea of disloyal girlfriends.  The explanations for the latter are particularly funny in his live shows.  While his website only gives a sneak peak of his humor to the viewers, (it takes a professional angle) is a website where fans (and potential fans) can look deeper into the music of Matt Nathanson and find information about where they can purchase his albums, see him perform live, as well as listen to songs he has written and follow his regularly-updated blog.

The website is appealing to the viewers’ eye at first glance.  Its interesting format and layered design makes the site stand out from other sites which have simple link-to-link pages.  The overall layout of the design is set up into at least five parts on each page.  Two of these parts are consistent throughout the entire website.  The banner and navigation at the top of the page stays the same no matter what page on the navigation the view goes to, and the banner on the bottom of the graphic stays consistent as well, constantly showing a link to which ultimately serves to promote the subject of the website (Matt Nathanson) further.  The site also proves to be appealing due to its interesting theme of sketchy silhouetted photos that gives the viewer an idea what each navigation page is, such as an open book in the “About” section and a satellite showing a continuing frequency on the “Media” section.  The website also has consistent photos on the left side of the frame which vary in their images.  Some may be from a photo shoot of Matt Nathsnon from his numerous albums, while others are artistic abstract photos and photos of scenery, both of which add to the idea that his page is both relaxing to be on and interesting to look at.  The consistency continues with the main focus of each page being the largest frame, and constantly on the right side of the frame.  This is the part of the page where the information changes as the viewer navigates around that page, such as on the “Media” page where the viewers can see “Photos, Videos, and Other Downloads” without navigating away from the page.  There is also very little blank space on the website – the space is utilized in an organized way and leaves no space wasted for information about the artist.

The purpose of this website is to attempt to persuade people who visit the site to purchase Matt Nathanson albums and other merchandise, as well as spread the knowledge of him as a musician around the internet.  There are sections of the website that show pictures of Matt while he is on tour, as well as when he is having fun with friends and band mates.  This type of material on a website is what people like to see – a celebrity showing that he or she knows how to be a normal person.  The videos on the site vary from official music videos to documentary-style videos from live shows, showing more of Nathanson’s playful side as he performs, contrasting with his professional side in his music videos.  (He often interacts with his audience, adding a light-hearted mood to his live shows which does not come across in his official music videos).  With multiple links that lead to pages with more information about him as an artist and as a person in his “About” section, as well as links that show videos of his performances in his “Media” section, the Matt Nathanson website successfully covers the basics in any musician’s website – selling the artist as a person, and selling the artist as an artist.

As for advertisements, the site is lacking, which is most likely seen as a good thing to viewers.  People who go to the website are not likely to want to have to navigate around multiple pop-up ads for a hair product or for a new car when all they really want to see is information about a musician.  The fact that the website is not overflowing with ads is a testament to the overall purpose of the website – that the artist simply wants to spread the word of his existence in the music world, and make money by selling purely his merchandise instead of selling ad space.  One part of the website that can be seen is an ad is the section in the lower banner which has a link to a vh1 website.  While this can be viewed as publicity for vh1, it’s ultimate purpose is to show that Matt Nathanson is a credited “Artist on the Rise” by a well-known source in the music industry.

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